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Frequently Asked Questions

Most procedures, including root canals, can be completed with nothing more than mild discomfort, which is not the same as pain. Most of us, after all, don’t feel comfortable when someone is working in our mouths.

Our dentists make sure the areas they’re working in are thoroughly numb, which means you may feel pressure but not a sting. If you do notice any pain, simply raise your hand, but pain is unlikely.

At Callister Dental, we also rely on technologies that allow for easier and sometimes faster procedures.

Aside from anesthesia, our dentists can administer nitrous oxide, a safe gas that produces feelings of ease and relaxation. Often patients who are concerned about pain spend their time in the dental chair anxious and anticipating pain that does not come. It is rare when a patient is in pain at Callister Dental.

Our team is very experienced when it comes to patient comfort. The most likely scenario is you relaxing with one of our neck pillows and surprised that it is going so well.

If you’re looking for a gentle dentist in Fresno, we invite you to contact our dental office today. We look forward to showing you how easy dental procedures can be when compassionate dentists are by your side.

If you’re currently seeing a dentist who is always finding new ways to spend your money or pushing expensive procedures without showing you evidence of a specific dental issue, it is best to move on to an honest and transparent dental team. 

At Callister Dental, we never over-treat or attempt to sell services to our patients. Our Fresno, CA dentists are always transparent and share their findings with you immediately, layout treatment options, and allow you to decide the course of your therapies.

We even utilize intraoral cameras—small cameras that take quality pictures of your teeth and gums. Our dentists will share these pictures with you if they discover an oral health issue that requires a specialized treatment. And they always make sure you understand their findings and all your treatment options.

Dr. Braden Callister and Dr. Don Christensen believe in taking a conservative and preventive approach to dentistry—in some cases, adopting a wait-and-see philosophy when appropriate.

Our goal is healthy teeth and smiles for our patients, and that is reflected in everything we do.

If you’re looking for an honest and friendly team, quality dentistry, and no pressure, we invite you to contact us to schedule your next dental exam.

At Callister Dental, our team strives to help each patient feel at ease and comfortable during dental appointments. This usually means relaxing with one of our neck pillows and a cozy blanket as our Fresno, CA dentists gently administer care, but it can also mean nitrous oxide (laughing gas) if you need a little extra reassurance.

Nitrous oxide is a safe gas delivered through a small nasal mask. It produces feelings of ease and euphoria. The good news is that nitrous oxide wears off immediately following mask removal. You are in good shape to drive yourself home, and nitrous oxide is even safe for children.

At Callister Dental, our dentists never begin an invasive procedure unless you are thoroughly numb. Most patients who come to our dental office suffering from dental anxiety are surprised by the easy and painless care our team delivers.

For those who suffer from severe anxiety, our dentists can partner with a specialist and refer you for full sedation.

Our goal is always to keep you relaxed, comfortable, and smiling.

If you’re looking for a gentle dentist in Fresno, CA, contact Callister Dental today. If you have any questions about nitrous oxide or the services we offer, we are always available to answer your questions.

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