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Our dentists choose technologies based on patient comfort, a more efficient dental experience, patient education, and optimal outcomes. At Callister Dental we strive to implement the latest technology dentistry has to offer.

A few of the technologies we offer in our Fresno, CA dental office are listed below for your convenience.

Digital Impressions

At Callister Dental we can avoid taking uncomfortable and messy molds of your teeth. We use the latest digital impression technology to simply and comfortably scan your teeth.

Digital X-Rays

With digital x-rays, we can get a more accurate and detailed picture of your teeth. We can see and discuss smaller issues before they become bigger and more costly problems. We believe in being conservative and helping you make an informed decision for your oral health.

Digital Records

At Callister Dental, we rely on digital records. This technology keeps your private information safe and makes it easier for our dentists to pull up your history quickly for a more efficient dental experience. Digital records are also better for the environment because they eliminate paper waste.

Intraoral Cameras

We are always transparent when it comes to your oral health, and we like to present you with all the options so you can make informed decisions about your dental care in Fresno, CA. This is why we use intraoral cameras. With this technology, we can show you up-close what is going on with your smile. The compact intraoral camera provides quality images that your dentist can pull up on a chair-side monitor.

Nitrous Oxide

This safe and relaxing gas, sometimes called laughing gas, is administered through a small nasal mask. Nitrous oxide in Fresno, CA provides a restful and euphoric feeling, which makes your treatment or procedure a breeze. When we remove the mask, the relaxing element leaves with it. This gas is safe for adults and children, and you can drive home safely following your dental appointment.

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