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How do I lower my risk for cavities?

At Callister Dental, we believe in preventive dentistry to help lower your risk for cavities. This includes a partnership between you and your Fresno, CA dentist. In other words, we recommend a solid oral hygiene routine at home—brushing and flossing at least twice per day, avoiding sugary foods and beverages, rinsing your mouth with water after eating, and regular exams and cleanings in our dental office.

Cavity formation is complex, and genetics may also play a role, making you more susceptible. However, good preventive dentistry is your best course for lowering cavity risk. In our dental office, we offer dental sealants to strengthen your teeth and fluoride treatments to help prevent cavities.

If you grind or clench your teeth, we also recommend a custom nightguard to reduce erosion. When enamel erodes due to grinding and clenching, your teeth are vulnerable to cavities and even breakage.

In our Fresno, CA dental office, we may recommend specific oral hygiene measures to use at home or an additional teeth cleaning each year if you’re prone to cavities.

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